Builder Help

Builder NLE Help

Builder NLE is primarily a way of working with transcripts to develop stories. You can order transcripts in Builder or bring your own. See the Transcript Formatting Accordion below.

Builder NLE is a document based app, which means that you can work on many projects simultaneously, each in their own document. Each document is self contained (other than media) and be passed between users. Builder documents have a .ljb suffix. Each document can have multiple stories.

Below you'll find the help divided into these sections.

  • Preparing in your Video NLE
  • Import XML, Link or Order Transcripts and Manage Clips
  • Editing Text, Set Rating, Keywords and Paper Color, Trimming Clips and Manage Keywords
  • Transcript Formatting
  • Filtering Selects and Building Stories
  • Editing Media Workflow (Proxy Media)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Builder specific Glossary

You can browse Builder Help by topic, or play this 18 minute playlist of all the Help (Opens at YouTube)