Preparing for Builder

Preparing for Builder

Media for Builder is organized in the familiar environment of your choice: Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

Import and organize your interviews in Event(s) or Bin(s) and - optionally - make Multicam or Synchronized Clips, before exporting XML to Builder. In Final Cut Pro, set your active audio angles in the Inspector so Builder gets only good quality audio.

Builder supports Audio only, AV Clips, Synchronized Clips and Multicam Clips. Builder does not support Projects, Compound Clips or Sequences.

Prepare Media in Final Cut Pro X and Export/Drag XML
Prepare Media in Premiere Pro and Export XML

Import the media associated with this Event to your Project.

(Optional) Create multicam clips if you used Double System Sound or if you had multiple cameras.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Premiere Pro will not import a multicam clip if there is more than one clip on an angle. The reasons are unimportant, but it is a current limitation. Premiere Pro will export a multicam clip to XML, but it will not re-import that same XML if it has more than one clip on an angle. Be sure to only have one clip per angle in your multicam clips.

Set appropriate angles for audio and video. The active video angle video will be displayed in Builder NLE. The active angle audio will be used for transcription and playback.

IMPORTANT: Media must be fully imported before exporting XML.

Trim Clips

Some Clips, particularly interviews, may have roll in time at the start, or run on time at the end, which we don't want transcribed.

In Premiere Pro set an In and Out on the Clip or Multicam Clip. Builder will honor that range and only display or transcribe from In to Out.

Export XML

IMPORTANT: Builder only works with Clips: AV Clips, Synchronized Clips or Multicam Clips. Builder does not support  Sequences.

Select the Bin(s) you want to send to Builder, and export XML to a convenient location, ready to import to Builder.(Such as the Desktop).